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snitz pediatrics pa, health care, pediatrician, children, infants, young adultsWe hope that you first visit to our office is a satisfactory experience. In order to enhance this experience, here are a few thoughts concerning the practice of Pediatrics.

At the present, I am a solo practitioner. However, I am available after office hours by alternating calls with several other qualified Pediatricians. This simply means that there will always be at least one physician available to you for immediate consultation, whether it be daily, or on a weekend, evening, or holiday.

There may be times where I’m away from the office for various reason such as teaching at the Medical Center, attending conferences, or taking postgraduate courses which are mandatory in order to remain certified in the practice of Pediatrics. At these times you will be directed to other Pediatric offices during routine office hours; and at times when the office is closed, someone is always on call and readily available.

In the office, it is our policy to follow as closely as possible the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding the care of infants, children, and young adults. Consequently, I strongly suggest a yearly complete examination for most children, as well as keeping the immunizations current. When new vaccines are available, I follow the rules of leading academic organization as to the safety of the product and what age to use it.

examinations, immunizations, vaccines, appointments, charlotte, north carolinaRegular office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays. For appointments please call 704-332-7141. Our lunch time is from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. The office is closed Tuesday afternoons. If you should have an emergency, call our office number and you will be referred to the doctor on call for us that afternoon. For routine questions concerning your child’s health, call during our schedule “telephone consultation time” weekdays 10:30 am – 12:30 pm. A qualified pediatric nurse may handle these routine questions, and I will always be available for a consultation.

Lastly, something of great importance to me: I manage my practice with my patients and their families by what I call the conference system. I understand at times it is difficult to convey impressions or medical opinions in a word or two in the hospital hall, or on the street in front of the office, or even on the telephone. Therefore, I would be happy to arrange a separate appointment time to have a conference with you. The healthcare of your family is my primary concern, and if I can promote an understanding of any medical problem, I will be able to serve you and your family better.

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